Experiences With Asus P3B ?



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Has any one had a play with a P3B and A celron 333A ?

My A-open board recently died and I'me thinking of investing in a Asus P3B.
Wondered if any one has had much success with O/C ing The 333A's.

I've Also Got A custom (home built) Heat sink and Dual 60mm fans so cooling is no problem.
Any ideas welcome.


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I've had no problems with this board. I have a Celeron 300A clocked @ 450 MHz, a Pentium II 300 clocked @ 450 MHz and a new Celeron 366 clocked @ 550 MHz.

I don't think you'll have a problem running you 333 at a reasonable speed.

Good Luck.

And one more thing... get the P3B-F with 6 PCI slots.

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I myself have the p2b-f, but have read a lot about the p3b's. They're supposably great overclockers--except in your case, the 333a. It wont work becasue of the clock multiplier unless you don;t mind messing with the pci clock...


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I did have some trouble with my A open board and trying to o/c the 333A.
I had it running at 5 x 75 (375) and I did have it at 5 x 83(415), but the system trashed my hard drive.
Once I had it at 500 (5 x 100) But only once, the system ran for about 10 min then reset and wouldn’t boot until I cleared the bios.
I still have no idea why it ran at 500. It happened when I installed my new PC 100 ram. I set the clock to 3 x 100 just to test it , but when the POST came up it was at 500, strange.