Exactly What I need?



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I think I know what I need for the following application, but I want to be sure.
I have my PC in a small study on the other side of a wall from my early 90's, but nice (NAD) home stereo system. What I want to do is install a small "patchbay", or junction box to connect the two thru that wall so that I can do the following:
Listen to my mp3's, and watch DVD's, and maybe even subscribe to IM.com. My current limitations are I don't have any HD or Surround Sound capability on my home stereo side, or for that matter on my PC side. I'm currently using Win2k, so I don't have XP either to enable use of IM.com, but that might come a little later.

As far as decent video card minimal requirements, I would like 256Meg RAM, and S-VHS. Any help fleshing the rest of this out would be appreciated, including putting any URL links to the actual products that match requirments.



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not totally clear on what you want.

i figure you want to sit in your living room and access your pc thats in the other room? this is so you can watch pc dvd's on your home theater?

if so, i highly advise you to get a good remote control, like the logitech multimedia mouse, or ati's remote wonder remote.

as for the through-wall connection, your local lumber yard or electric supply warehouse would have the necessary wall plates to give you the connections for your audio and video. that or just blow a 3" hole straight through and shove the wires in there. a desk can be placed over the project so it goes unnoticed;)