Evga z77 ftw



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I finally got the motherboard that I've been waiting for a while now



the other parts are

i7-3770k ib
2 x 256gb samsung 830 SSD in raid 0
1 x gtx 690 (i'll go sli GTX 690 in the near future)
32 gb 4 x 8gb crucial BLT2KIT8G3D1608DT1TX0
1600w PSU
Antec khuler h20 920 (i'll replace the fans on it with 2 x antec tricool fans)
case.. ( http://www.bcchardware.com/index.ph...=com_gallery&Itemid=96&include=view_photo.php to fit the huge PSU)
ASUS VW266H 2 x 26'' monitors
...and Scythe KM06-BK Kaze Master Flat Fan Control Unit (not sure why I bought it ...)
is gonna take me a while to put everything together (I got a hectic schedule) but once I finish I can post some benches here if someone is interested....

OS should be VISTA 64 bits but if I get better performance with win 7 64 bits I'll go with the latest ( VISTA should be fine tho)
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Holy Moly!!!

Yea post a pic if you can when you get the Triple or Quad SLI setup going.