Ever built your own computer desk or table?

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I decided to post this question here to see if anyone can give me some good ideas with my new LAN setup. I'm moving in exactly one week to a new house that has a huge finished basement. I "convinced" ;) my wife to allow me to setup a nice LAN gaming area, one that is much better than my current configuration. Right now all six comps are arranged along two walls plus one in the middle, the basement (unfinished) I'm in now is much smaller, and therefore much harder to setup they way I want. I want to place the computers (6 to begin with) in a circular or oval setup with 1 comp each at the top and bottom and 2 on each side. Had this setup at Igames (my old computer cafe) and it was pretty popular with the customers. Now I'm stuck on what to do for new desks as the ones I have now are old and I'm giving them away to friends (less to move!). So here are my options: 1.) Buy RTA desks and use those (which is what I have now), 2.) build new desks, or 3.) build 4 tables, the end ones being big enough for one comp, the side tables big enough for 2 comps. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever built their own desk or table for a computer. If so, where did you get the plans (and are they still available) and what was your cost. Currently, I've picked a few different RTA desks that run from $70-$110 each, but I rather not spend that much or atleast see if I can save some money by doing it myself. Building my own should be cost effective (though it probably will take more time)and I am pretty good with woodworking tools. It will also allow me to make them look they way I want. RTAs would be easier, but I'm restricted to a look that I can afford.

Any suggestions, ideas or comments would be appreciated.

I'll post pics here in few weeks with the finished product. :)


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you could build a table. use some heavy plywood 3/4' preferably, not wafer pressboard or mdf, use plywood for the top. round off the corners on a full 4x8' sheet and cut a good size hole in the middle for wires to pass through and youll be all good. you can probably even pick up metal folding legs that will screw right onto the bottom of the plywood to create the table in a relatively easy manner.


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I've built all my computer tables... I mean, had them built depending on my casing and monitor and have always used ½" plywood covered with a type of plastic to keep it from scratching.

Sounds like you should just get the measurements of your basement and ask an interior deisgner to put together something for you depending on how many monitors are CRT and LCD. Also figure out where to hide all your wires so always build a false wall behind each desk. Depth should always be the about 4 inches deeper than your deepest casing.

Just a few things to think over. :)


My home built desk is made out of 18mm MDF. I just used cheap coversheets and painted it with decent wash'n'wear paint.

Sounds like you are aiming for functional rather than pretty. Are aiming for space to plonk down a beer and chips while gaming? Or is food and computers a no-no for you?
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The CandyMan

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Lol SexyMF, actually beer is a requirement during my LAN games provided you're 21 or older of course. I actually have cup holders attached to my current desk :D . But they're getting older so I really want to replace them. I'm looking for something fuctional but nice looking as well, figure I'm going to go the build route and do it myself. Did plan on doing it this week before the official move in date, but I'm thinking the kind of work involved and the end result I want will require some time so I'm going to wait until we're moved in and than start this project.

Going to check out what's available at Home Depot and Lowe's to get me started.
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The CandyMan

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Well, after doing some calculating and pricing on costs of materials, I decided to go the RTA route and purchase some desks that require assembly. I searched high and low for good prices on materials, but for the design I wanted, which was pretty basic, it would have costs me about $100 or more per desk plus all the labor.

Instead I've been searching the net for the past 3 weeks for some good desks, with lots of room, nice design for use and looks. Came across this desk, on sale as of this coming Sunday at Office Depot:


Sale ad here: http://officedepot.shoplocal.com/of...de=OfficeDepot-060319&fsid=127870753174730490

Office Depot actually posts their ads for the following week on their site which is handy since I would have had to wait to get the paper Sunday. Figure I purchase 3 Sunday and 3 later in the week when I have more funds available (got to keep in my budget or the wife will kill me!) :D

Overall they seem decent and look nice. With the extra shelves I'll have room for the speakers, headphones, steering wheel and joystick for each system so that is a plus. The tower area is open and quite large which is a plus as well, since I have a few bigger towers and the open area allows for better cooling. Unless I stumble upon a better desk or price (these are on sale from a regular price of $79.99 for only $59.99) in the next day or so, I'm going with these.


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Check out my LAN party desk, it actually has legs on both ends but I'm just resting it on something instead at the far end. When put up properly it can seat 3 at their machines, and it dismantles to go into the loft when not in use :)

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The CandyMan

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Okay, this is driving me nuts, but I decided to go back and take a look at building it myself. But instead of seperate desks, I've finally settled on a design that incorporates all the computers on a 4 x 8 surface. The monitors will sit on top, along with the keyboards, mice, steering wheels and joysticks, with the towers mounted on hooks on each side of the base, allowing for more leg room and more room on the top of the table. I figure that it will be a little confined, but closer quarters means better game play as we can really rag on each other, lol! I've pretty much have finished, with some major changes along the way (see below) but have to finish off cleaning up the wiring (plugs, cat 5, wires, etc) and mounting the towers on the base hooks.

Should be completed by Monday or Tuesday of next week (have to travel out of town tomorrow, then work tomorrow evening, all day Saturday, and half the day Sunday.)

EDIT! Updated Material List.

List of Materials:

2 3/4 4 x 8 Beechwood plank, presanded
-one piece cut into 2 sections, 30" x 4' and one of those cut in half (30" x 24") This is for the base of the table which will add more support.
Wood screws #10 2" for screwing table top to base
16 hinge brackets
6 cans of Paint (black hammered look and grey hammered look)
4 cans of Primer
4 cans of laquer spray for final coat
4 black grommets 2 3/8" diameter
Plastic wood trim, 3/4" width 8' feet long for edging of top and base (looks clean and safer)

All total the materials cost me $191.88, which is less than half of what I would have spent on the 6 desks (a total of $360 plus tax). The table is less roomy than the 6 desks would be, especially with CRTs but I plan on transitioning over to LCDs (most likely 17" and/or 19" models) which will take less room on the top.

The pics are ready, and I'll post a link to em sometime after this weekend. If anyone wants the plans, pm me and I can send them. It's pretty basic, but did require some work and I made about 4 changes overall from the original plans.
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