Even HP Buis Tech said We dont know... SAS cabling



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Called HP Business support earlier (I am certain they will bill me,) and I asked them what hard drive kit or Molex cabling is needed to add SAS drives - 4to my workstation, an XW8400 with twin Quad 3.0 Xeon processors 6 SATA ports and 4 mini SAS ports. I wish to rid the machine of the 1 TB SATA drive needed elsewhere and add 4 Cheeteh 300GB 15K SAS drives. Am I limited to using the drive converters from HP or will the Dells work the same ? I believe both are Mini SAS to mini SAS (SATA connector) on system board labelled as SAS 0,1,2,3,. I have seen the header boards used which convert SAS to Mini SATA then plug to SAS ports with standard SATA connectors but is there a Molex connector option? Perplexed for now