epox-mvp3c2+amd k6-2 550mhz



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i tried to overclock this sucker to 600mhz(112x5) vithout success i tried to raise the voltage(default 2.3v.) to 2.4
but didn't got the guts to raise it further
so anyone with experience or anything...help
is appreciated tell me your views


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sensen, don't be too disappointed. The K6-II/IIIs aren't known to be great overclockers. Due to low yields at the production line, they are released from the factory clock at or close to their maximum clock speed. However, they are usually still good @ 112MHz but no more then that. Do post your system specs and we'll take a guess as to what's holding you back.

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Go for 2.6 Volts. My K6-2 500 default of 2.2 has been as high as [email protected](120*5) but wont boot into win98. Nt works but no win.

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i have ep-mvp3c2+amd k6-2 550mhz with 128mb dimm + seagate 4.3gb + guillemot maxi gamer xentor 16mb agp + sblaster 64pci+motorola 56pci modem amd is now at 5x100(550mhz)2.3v.


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Sensen, I guess it is just that you typed it wrong, though 5x112 gives 560.
Anyway, it will perform better than [email protected], if your components can take it (if you can get into windows without blue screens, it is a good start). Remember that increased FSB means increased AGP and PCI bus speeds.
I have a config similar to yours, K6-2 500 with MVP3 based mobo.
I know 500's are usually stable at 560 2.5V, it is quite weird that yours cannot take it at a lower voltage.
That is why I guess K6-2's have a rather bad overclocker image: it is a russian roulette, you can push one chip to whatever you want to, while another one (same specs) will be a real pain.
Mach 3.5 is right, you can push the voltage to 2.6V, that's the design limit AMD says. You can give it a try (be sure to have some rather good cooling stuff, and a bit of thermal paste) and after the "burn in" try to lower the voltage.
Otherwise, accept your fate...


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stupid of me...of course it is 5.5x100=550mhz
5.5x112=616mhz that is the one i tried to achieve...


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I have Epox MVP3G5 (2mb. cache) There is a better than average chance that the cache on your motherboard will not tahe 112mhz. When you restart your comp, hit Delete and go to "Bios features setup" ( the second option in your setup) you can disable tha motherboard cache there.
If it boots into windows & runs now,you know its the motherboard cache holding you back & not your voltage as cpu voltage has nothing to do with mb cache only on chip cache.
If you had a K6-3 this wouldnt impact perf. as much as on K6-2.
I would say your best bet would be to leave your fsb at 100 and change your multiplier to 2 (remapped to 6) If you have good cooling and your room temps are low enough to keep your cpu temp around 36c you should be able to run @600 2.4v.
I have to use 2.5v cuz it gets realy hot in mobile home whem the sun shines

Hope this helps