Elsa Erazor II / Canopus/ TNT or Voodoo..Confused


Joey Young

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I need help...Looking to upgrade my current video card with either a Elsa Erazor II or a Canopus 2400 both 16 mb. I have a 266 Pent II processor w/ 98 megs of SDRAM. Currently using a Velocity 128 Riva 3d AGP w/ 4mb of RAM. It really sucks....Always freezing up and gives poor capabilites especially for a 19" monitor. Willing to buy TNT or Voodoo II if it kicks butt. Looking to spend around $130 to $250. I want POWER!!!!
Someone please help me...Totally lost..


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I went through this same quandry a few days ago and sought out advice just as you are now. After listening to the opinions of people here I decided to buy the Canopus Spectra 2500, sadly everywhere you go on the web seems to be out and there is a HUGE wait for them. I decided to go to my #2 choice the Creative Labs Riva TnT. Let me tell you I'm glad I did!!! This board kicks some major a$$!! I managed to outfit it with a fan(an old one off a 486 DX 66) and I'm quite pleased. I have to admit that at first I was disappointed that I couldn't get the Spectra but now I'm very glad I couldn't. Creative seems to me more on top of things as far as the drivers go, a new set was released LAST NIGHT of all times, and their support is great. I used to live in Stillwater Oklahoma where one of their major call centers is located and new some guys that work there. As with most Creative products I've owned, I bought a SB Live at the same time as the TnT card(CompUSA loved me that day)the installation was flawless and I was back up and running in a matter of minutes. The card is producing great quality images and running like a top. Add to the quality of the product the fact that it's cheaper than most other TnT cards, remember there is NO video out though, and you can't lose. In short...Rah!! Rah!! Creative!!!


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I have to agree somewhat here with Ubermensch. I just bought a Creative Graphics Blaster Riva TnT at CompUSA. I like it BUT.......I had a Matrox Millenium II AGP running Quake II. Keep in mind that this is only a 2D card. Picture quality in Quake II was extremely sharp, clear, and crisp. The Creative 2D in Quake II is not even close to being as crisp. But, in runs Quake II in OpenGL just fine. It's a trade-off.