Eh... time to build that system for college..



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Alright after talking to a bunch of people I've decided against buying a laptop for college for a number of reasons. Anyway, I'd like to build myself a nice desktop system - which will probably cost me less than a loaded (the only kind I like) laptop would cost me. Anyway here's what I got so far.

Note: Some pieces will be taken from my comptuer right now... because I have extra pieces which I can put in their place so that I can use my current system when i come home for vacation.

Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Delux
Processor: AMD 2500+ Barton Retail
RAM: 2 x 512mb Crosair pc3200 XMS cas2
HDD: 2x 80gig WD SE
CD: Lite On 52 x 24 x 52 CD-RW (black)
DVD: Pioneer 16x slot loading (black)
FDD: Sony (black)
Sound: onboard for the time being
Speakers: Logitech THX Z560 4.1
Case: Lan Li PC-61 USB (black)

Stuff I have that will be going in:
Video: Radeon 8500 Retail
PSU: Enermax 431watt
HS: Alpha PAL8045 w/ sunon HO fan

Alright total at new egg was under $1200 for all this which isn't too bad. This doesn't include the pioneer DVD drive (that i forgot to add to my list on this paper here) which should bump the total to about $1220 or less (including all shipping). I'm going to keep my radeon 8500 for a while... then maybe right before school starts... or even around christmas... I'll upgrade the video card. I'd also like to get myself a tv capture card (any recomendations would be nice). No fancy lighting... no nonsense... just a nice system. I'd like to overclock to whatever I can get stable on air, and I'm buying the ram because I feel it will last the longest (being outdated wise) compared to it's price. I'm not really too concerned about little bits of price because the rents are picking up the tab for this system (thank god). So I'm gonna make it nice. I'm going to be getting a 19" ViewSonic LCD that I saw at bestbuy today... around $800 which should be quite nice. I play some games once and a while (though I'm find playing stuff without the absoulute highest eye candy). I'm expecting this to be a media center of sorts... something that can entertain me and a roomate. Anything you guys think I should add or change would be recomended.

BTW: I do have the ram and proc speed for a reason... I do dabble in photo editing and the like... and I always have a million and a half things open. So I like everything to run smoothly.

Sorry For the Long post... your feedback would be much appreciated


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Decided to add a SB audigy 2 and for a monitor... a samsung 191T

Total system expenses: $2072 inc shipping


Minor note,
A number of members here have a liking for ABIT NF7-S revision 2.0.


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System looks good :)

Yes, I agree with Shinma. Also take into account the Abit NF7-S rev 2... people on this forum have been very pleased with it.

That system would be excellent for just about everything you could throw at it, so you should have no problems when photo editing etc...


yeah, ide take the ABIT over the ASUS board, also, i wouldnt bother spending the extra money on the audigy 2, its not worth it. the onboard audio on the Nforce2 is only slightly under the audigy2 in quality, i really dont think its worth that much extra money for that little difference


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Nice set up! ;)

I would also go with the Abit board, and no SoundBlaster. As stated previous, the nForce sound is good.

Your heatsink needs the 4 holes to mount, correct? If so, check that the nForce2 boards have the holes for mounting the 8045 heatsink.

Man, that rig does sound nice..... :D


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the current abit boards (after rev 1.1 ) had the mounting holes for such heatsinks


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Very nice... I have to say I'm a tad jeolous.

when I went to college I went out to Best Buy and dropped a grand on a Compaq and another $400 on a 15" Sony trinitron. Within a short time I spent another couple hundred upgrading RAM and cache. I was at college no more than a month or two and I saw generic systems online built with quality parts for half of what I paid for my retail and "quality" name brand machine. Wish I would have known than what I knew now(and likewise what you know going into school). :)

Oh well... good for you!
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Thats a nice and expensive system just for college. Are you talking dorm room kind of college? The TV Tuner will be a must then. I like my cheap'o ATI TV Wonder VE that I snaged on sale for $30. No remote and only mono sound and no TIVO live pause features, but the channel guild, program search, and recording features are top notch and the beta 7.6 lets you record directly to WMV. The cable guide is a big thing to have so make sure whatever card you get has that. Also being able to record to WMV or MPEG-4 is a very nice thing to keep image up without making the files too big. Sterio sound and a good remote is also a nice feature along with an FM tuner. There are a lot of features to these cards.

I think the integrated sound in that nForce2 board should be pretty good. If you upgrade the video, you might shoot for something like the Radeon 9700Pro AIW if you want it all in one (or the 9800Pro that is coming out soon) as long as your spending that much money.

Good system though.


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Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys. I'll take a look at that abit board, and I think i'm gonna pass on the soundblaster. The 191T also has dropped a bit in price (like $70ish) so this is looking better and better.