dynamat placement?



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Where to best dissipate noise from fans? On the side panels of the case? On the removeable part or the chassis itself? Near the fans?

Also, how good is carpet in comparison? [Have seen others use it as well, and in cars]


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Deep - Dynamat doesn't absorb sound directly. What it does do is stops metal panels resonating. What I would do is put a big square in the middle of each panel of your case (on the inside obviously
). This will damp down any case resonance perfectly but you will still be able to hear the fans.

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thank you for your reply, fishman. how does carpeting compare? I'm not a sound expert but do know that subwoofer boxes are sometimes lined with carpet...?


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I am about to line the inside of some of my panels with a thin layer of styrofoam to see how well this will work.

I tested this briefly by just sticking it there with tape and it makes a difference - it damps out some frequencies anyway.

I am not going to try carpeting though - I just dont like the idea of carpet inside my housing

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This is a response I got from someone whose done some work on noise reduction :

I've had tremendously good experience with carpets glued to the inside of
the case. Dynamat only helps to keep the vibration to a minimum. That's why
they are used on the under body of cars. They don't really absorb energy
from an accoustical wave. Foams are too soft. That makes carpets
perfect, it absorb almost the whole range of frequencies, which are hearable
for the human ear. The lower Hz can't be absorbed but the upper Hz, which
are created by fans, harddrives etc. are cut out by more than 50%.
Please look at my case to see an example for a com with carpets. If you're
willing to do some cutting and hot glueing (double sided tape also ok) with
carpets, e-mail me and I'll help you through the project.

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