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Hey people

I got a question: Do I need a DVD-Encoder in order to watch DVD movies or does the manufacturer of the DVD-drive deliver the special software. How can I play DVD-movies?
Or is the software delivered with the movie DVD?

Thanx a lot


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To play DVD movies, you need either a DVD decoder card or a software decoder. If your processr is under 350MHz then a card is the best bet.

WinDVD (software) can be had from http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/Commons/5395/download.html

You probably will get some software in the box with the DVD drive if it's a retail pack, but if it's OEM, maybe not.

However, DVD's are nowhere near as good on a computer monitor with their speakers as they are on a full widescreen TV with proper dts or AC3 sound.