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I am in the process of selecting components for a home built computer and am in need of some technical advice. If I choose a DVD device instead of a CD-ROM, should I get one with a hardware decoder card? I have no intention of watching DVD movies since my VCR works fine, the recliner in my family room is much more comfortable than my computer chair, and my computer is nowhere near my TV. However, I do like high power games (on my monitor not on my TV). Do these games make use of the decoder card in the same manner as DVD movies do?


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Consider also that in the near future (or even now), new games will be coming out in DVD. Who knows, maybe some programs would be also in DVD???


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Microsoft starts putting the MSDN on DVD last quarter. I like this idea simply because I do not need to swap CD while searching for articles, sample code.

I am using a software called PowerDVD to play DVD movie, it works very good.
There are many other companies selling stuff like this. It's cheaper than buying a decoder card.

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They are right! DVD gamming is a new feature for your DVD rom, eventhough it not so popular at this moment. But will be become hot soon. If you have a few more dallars to spend, get a DVD-rom Kit
(include the drive and the decode card).
One more thing, if you don't want to buy the decode card, software decoding is another way of doing it. BUT you will need a fast and powerful CPU, besides, soft decoding takes more CPU usage than hardware decoding.