DVD shrink & out of region DVDs



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I have some DVDs in region 2 (Uk) however live in region 1(Canada).
I read on a forum that DVD shrink, when used removes the region and it becomes a region 0 DVD.
I tried it however it didn't work at all on my machine (sony PQ1)
I then tried it on my friend's machine and it only played audio.
Does DVD shrink really change the region? if not is there a program that does? :confused:
Could it be that the DVDs are a generic brand?
Am I doomed to only watch my Black Books DVD on my PC?

My PC agreed to play region 2 DVDs I was told that if I keep switching back and forth between regions soon the DVD player will just freeze. Is that true?


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they are only supposed to switch regions like 5 times, then yes they do lock you out. new/hacked firmware upgrade can stop this from happening though.

dvdshrink may not have been set right for the region, you have to tell it manually to unlock the dvd. i havent had any problems with any movie whatsoever when ecoding with dvdshrink. even though the program is dead it works perfect on new movies still


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A "cheap" alternative is to buy a 2nd DVD drive that you set to the other regio. Or have a writer and reader both different regio. This way you don't have to swap regio.


Since you are talking about legitimately purchased DVDs...

The DVD Shrink removes the regions and/or changes when you make a backup copy of the DVDs in question...
Some DVD players are known to have issues when a Region is not set.
Remember that Sony is in the entertainment business and would dearly love to discourage anything that would cut them down on profits, even those that are legitimate.
When making backup copy(s) of the DVD in question,
Remember to set to region 1,
Note that it could also simply be the media in use is not liked/compatible with the DVD player in question.


If you just need to playback the DVDs from your DVD drive,
Browse the link that F_A_L_C_O_N provided above.
The limitation of region change will be stopped.

As for the last question,
There are quite a number of steps before you get around to the part of changing the regions,
A tutorial at the following link,
Click HERE


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Sorry sir, but i have a related question to ask you. I also have a problem about my blue DVD region code. I bought a DVD in Europe days before when there on holidays, after I went back to Hong Kong, i found that my DVD did not work on my Sony player. I bought this program (http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/how-to-remove-region-code-from-dvd-actually.html)from an online shop which claims to change regions. I change mine from region code 1 to region code 5, but still not compatible with my DVD player. It just keeps reading.
I tried HandBrake but it wouldn't decode any encrypted DVDs, it requires an add-on named libdvdcss. What might be the possible possibility that causes this issue?