dvd rw



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I used nero 6 to burn a dvd , i used the start multisession setting and used a dvdrw disc. But when i put the disk intothe dvdrom drive and the dvdrw disc, its says the disc is empty.

Why is this happening?
When i launch nero and says im gonna add to a multisession, it displays the contents in the compilation list of what i added to be burned, so why cant i actually access anything as it knows the references to what i set out to burn?


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Did Nero come with the DVD writer? Are you sure Nero can be used for burning dvd's? I thought they only did cd's.


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I am using Nero 5.5 and have no problems burning dvd's. The only thing you might want to check before you start burning is make sure Nero has your burner in dvd mode. In my version of Nero my dvd drive shows up ad a dvd drive and a cd drive. Also Nero will show a virtual dvd and cd drive. Make sure you select your dvd drive.


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Yup, I use Nero for DVDs too - You get an option when you start it up asking if you want to burn a CD or DVD.