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I have a few questions about DVD(-ROM):
-Does the computer use the same protocol for communicating with the CD-ROM and the DVD-ROM? (ATAPI) (if yes, I guess linux will support any DVD drive?)

-Can a DVD data disc have a region?

-Can I rip any DVD (video disc) with any region on a region 2 player?

-Any good utilities for this on linux? (DVD -> mpeg)

-Any recommendations when I'm going to buy a DVD-ROM? (would be nice with TV-out, region free)

-Are all DVD-decoder cards (such as the one from creative) supported by linux?

-Will I need one on my k6-2 500?

Thank you!

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YEah if you want to play any region discs on your DVD player only if you have a little program called DVD genie or something like it that lets you play discs from any region.
It would work well on a K62-500 even better with a good AGP graphics card as my brother has a K62-450 and it works great on his computer.
You should go to ebay or something and bid for a DVD player, you would get it cheaper but you have to risk buying from a person in whom you don't know if you should trust.
Make sure you check their profiles first
it is at www.ebay.com
Creative DVD decoder cards i think they only work if you have a Creative graphics card....

Well anyway hope this has helped....

Good Luck!

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I was playing about with that DeCSS program the last few days and i got a 1hr40min dvd converted to 700mb easily ,i'm going to put it on a cd,the picture and sound are pretty good,I used the DeCSS to decrypt the dvd and 'flaskmpeg'and 'virtualDub' to convert the dvd to mpeg-4(video) and mpeg-3(audio).It's pretty cool,there's a link on the software page if you want to try out the programs.