DVD buffer level



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Hi all,

I have A plextor DVR+-/R/RW and I encounter the following problem:
While the DVD worked fine in the beginning, without any changes to the system, when I try to burn a CD/DVD using Nero, the buffer level jumps from ~30-70% and the disc takes an hour or more to write. I have put the settings to DMA but the problem is not solved. Once again I had the same problem before and formating the PC made the DVD work properly.
The thing I cannot understand is why the drive started malfunction suddenly althouth it worked fine for a couple of months, as well as what is to do to make it work again (obviously formatting the PC every two months is not a solution!)

Thank you in advance


The fact that it appears to work fine after a format of OS and clean install,
May be third party software issues,
Issues with memory module(s) in use.