duplicate monitors on 9600 Pro



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ok, i'm not even going to keep this card but i bought it for test purposes. all i want is a dupe of my desktop on my tv. all this card seems to do is virtual desktops and dual monitors with the second extending my desktop. i want a clone of my desktop..i can't run games on my tv because it's displayed on my monitor. i've only had it for a couple hours but i've given up. the nvidia card i have supports dual monitors and clone displays (too bad it's a crap card)..i assumed this card would also, i've tried to switch primary displays but the option to switch was never available (grey) and even if i succeeded in doing that, it's not really what i want to do. i want duplicates. you hear me??? duplicates!!!:p

thanks, Hect..


In Display Properties=>Settings tab, uncheck "Extend My Windows desktop onto this monitor" for the display in question.