Dual P2 Motherboards



I think you can use single processors on dual processor motherboards for regular Pentiums, but what about dual P2 motherboards? Can I use just one processor? And if I run 2, do I need to use the same speed processor?


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Yes, you can run with a single PII CPU in a doul CPU mainbaord. But, you have to install a CPU terminator in the second slot.

Yes, they both have to be the same speed when using two.


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What is all this talk about a cpu terminator? I have looked high and low for ANY reference to this outside this web site and came up empty. I also just put together my own dual 450mhz system from scratch (using only a single cpu)with no 'terminator' and it is running like a dream. Please verify this 'terminator' myth with a URL that supports it.

Thank you.


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Perhaps my experience is limited. I doubled checked the 20 dual systems I have in house. All have the terminator in the spare slot. Most come from the manufacturer that way. (HP, Intel, Compaq, etc) So, perhaps I made an assumption that they must be in place.