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I know that Windows 2000 supports multiply monitors.

But I'm wondering whenever it can make it that each display will be able to run independently. For example, if I plug in a second set of mouse and keyboard, 2 users would be able to use the same computer simultanously.

Or does anybody knows of any utility which can do such thing?

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Man, never heard of anything like that. How will you hook two keyboards and mice up to one computer? Serial port? Could be interesting.

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Its been done, it was reviewed on some austrialian website a few months back. The product emulates two windows sessions on one computer. One person uses a PS/2 keyboard / mouse and the other has to use USB components.

Couple drawbacks:

- Runs only on Win98. Not a big deal.

- Works only with the supplied Trident 3DImage card in multi-monitor. You may say "that sucks", but while the 3DImage sucks at 3D its got quite crisp 2D.

- No simultaneous access of files. Only applications at allow multiple instances can be open by both people at the same time. For example, try opening Winamp multiple times...you'll never get more then one instance. But most business applications will allow multiple instances open at one time (Office, netscape, IE).

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That's exactly what I've seen being done as well. In fact, you could potentially hook up as many monitors and keyboards as you want provided you have enough PCI slots for the cards.

I don't seem to be able to find these products anywhere.

Anybody care to suggest some links?