dual modem usage



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I heard there is a program that will allow two 56k modems to work in unison, and that this will achieve a 128kbps download. Can anyone shed some light on this, I would love to know if this works or not.


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i have heard the programs work to a fair degree. There are a number of free ones out there you can try out.


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Windows 95/98 comes with a multilink section in Dial-Up Networking but this requires that your ISP support it - let's face it, who has an ISP that's willing to let you hog 2 phone lines? There ARE other programs out there, they split transfers between the two modems ie if you're downloading 2 files then one comes down one modem and the other comes down the second modem. However if you're downloading one big file then you're stuck at around 50kbps (you'll NEVER get a full 56k connection, there's always a little bit of line noise).


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Getting the two modems to Bond is a bitch.
It can be done, but you do need 2 phone lines.