does your primary video matter?



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If you're going to add a Voodoo2 card to your system, does it really matter what your primary video card is; I mean, doesn't the accelerator take over everything when you're playing games anyway? With a 2MB Rage Pro, and a Voodoo2, are you going to see a difference in image/texture quality or detail than with say....some really good 8MB card accelerated by the same Voodoo2? Heck, I don't know, but thought I might ask before I fork out the dinero. Thanks folks.


Your primary 2d accelerator does not affect yuor 3d acceleration. But you still want a good 2d accelerator, for running apps, and games that are 2d based. But nowadays, regardless of the 3d capabilities, all the 2d/3d combo cards and 2d cards have great 2d, There is nothing really that can be improved for 2d, except when running 21 and 24 inch monitors. But for practical every day applications, 2d has reached the top.