Does temperature affect speed? Water Cooled? Myths and Burn in



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I have a P200(66x3) now a P233(66x3.5). When you cool down a proccessor(say water cooled to 80-90*F or say 40-50*F) does it speed up, is this just a myth( i heard if you supercool a proccessor it gains up to 30% not overclocking it). thx, anyhow anybody know anyother way to overclock more than my max that i am using on my motherboard? Anybody know what burn in is?


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no it doesn't speed up when you super cool it, what super cooling does, is it gives you the ability to overclock the CPU even more, but you need to overclock it first, it won't go any faster just due to temp drop and by super cooling i mean this

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I think that I would have to disagree, and say that a cooler computer is a faster computer.

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I think it does speed them up when you cool them down,
it would be a good experiment for someone with a supercooler (ie. #Rotor) run it at default speed with standard cooling then run it supercooled
I'd do it myself only im still working on mine

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Nope, the CPU clockspeed is not affected by temperature change. The FSB speed is regulated by the chipset. Maybe cooling the chipset will affect the clock generator or something, but just cooling the CPU won't get even one more megahertz.


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could be..
i find that the longer the pc is on and the hotter it gets about 100-110F right now overclocked it slows down,...someone try some testing to see..that would be interesting. and no my cpu doesnt have that many errors and such so it doesnt really ahve a heat problem for overclocked.


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Please DONOT use the word MYTH as a term of abuse, MYTH does not mean wrong,

It, rather, speaks to the stuff of our dreams and intuitive/spiritual sides: the switch that goes off and says: SHIT' the problem is in the BIOS, or she's the one, or Now I Know What God Means:

Like that

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