Does it Look Like I Need Counseling?



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Does it Look Like I Need Counseling?

The Apartment maintenance guy showed up to change the air filter on the furnace. He noticed my desk in the corner of the living room. Although he thought it was cool, he mentioned something about me needing counseling. Since I didn't ask him to explain what he meant, I'll just ask you guys. Do I need help?
Oh, this causes the downstairs neighbors to bang mercilessly on the ceiling when I crank it up a little. I had a few car stereo components laying around. Do you think I need to break out the fourth-order bandpass box with the two 10's? I still have 2 more amps to connect to something. This might help me get out of my lease earlier than June. It drives the neighbors dog absolutely nuts when I play a pure 10hz tone.
close up view:
600 continuous watts of power+small apartment=hostile neighbors
Uh, that was my monthly quota on posting images, I guess.


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Hell! Looks like you're head is OK to me.......
Maybe? -- need a bright red chair and black computer for contrast.

CAUTION: Be very careful to keep all the smoke inside those gadgets or you sure will have a short lease.


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You're the coolest guy I have never met. Can you be my best friend. I might have a system that could beat that though. he he. You are my God. Can you help me with the topic i just submitted. Praise Tnproud2b!!!


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I was answering before you asked me to, that's 'cause I care so damned much about you guys.


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TN, I think that guy that changed the filter was the one that had a couple screws loose.

I really doubt you want out of your lease earlier. when I rented if they kicked me out because of noise or something like that I was still responsible for the rest of the lease payments even tho I wasn't there.



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Hydrogen gas? The guy that sold it to me said it was the right kind to use in your living room to power amplifiers and CPU cooling rigs. Hey, it was a $19 battery, where can I buy a fancy gel battery for less than $20? Just to the right of my desk is a fire extinguisher, a tribute to living on the edge. You guys probably spend all day wondering what you're gonna eat for dinner. I sit here all day and wonder if my next click on my WinAmp will cause a hydrogen gas explosion that'll flatten the apartment complex. But, again, I do ALL of this for you guys.


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Thats the coolest thing I've seen in my life!!!
You can be in my cool people club. If you wanna be in my club email me.


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I vote we start a new religion:

The sacred church of Hoochcoolism.

P.s. Does anyone else find it ironic that TN has wired such an amazing system, yet had to have a guy come and install his air filter? That's what I call a savant!


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Yo TNTProub2B.

That kenwood amp is car stereo component. And it runs on 12 V. Right.
Well have you considered how much CURRENT that piece actualy takes? Since it has MosFet-power supply, it takes the 12 Volts, slices it into 30-50V pieces which it uses to amplify the sound. Man, it sucks more electricity than small country can afford. Besides, reloading the battery lets out dangerous vapors to your breathing-air. Get rid of it. Unless you want to die in pain....


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Apart from the battery thread that seems to have started (I don't know much about em
I'd say the only thing you need is a real chair! I can't stand to be uncomfortable, but otoh I didn't want to spend the bucks... Had a hand me down that was great, but since the thing wouldn't stay elevated, it was like sitting on a top! Kept wobbling since the center pole was on the ground...

Wife finally convinced me to get a chair and picked up a sweet one at costco.. Get some comfort man!



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Hell no !
I see you've got a fire extinguisher.
The only thing that might me missing would be a coffee maker.
Good on you, TN. Priests have thier churches, why should'nt a guru have a shrine ?


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If your gonna die, at least you gone out doing something fun. Could you imagine the headlines. "PERSON DIES BY EXPLOSION: Vapor released by a battery used to power his computers water cooling system, called the Hootch, is ignited by the car stereo amps also used by the Hootch cooled computer."
That would be funny. It would suck that you died, but funny headlines.

Error: CPU speed is too fast.


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hey what the hell are doing in my house taking pictures

oh yeah thats right i have posters of hot babes on my walls but other then that it looks like my room


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Hell yeah you need counseling. We all do. Anyone doing what we do to our $$$ computers that we spend all of our money on anyway needs to have their head examined.

OK, 'bout the battery thing. I had my car system hooked up in my basement for several months with the same setup. Just a lawn mower battery with a battery charger.

I'm still here...........


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Yeah, alright, the wiring job couldn't possibly suck any worse. And yes that amplifier will draw peaks of 40amps. When I had all 3 amplifiers in my Maxima, the headlights dimmed to a dull yellow with every bass note. That was easily cured with a huge stiffening capacitor wired in parallel with the battery. The system absolutely kicked ass, but was rendered un-competitive after the SONY(XPS1) and Rockford Fosgate(Symmetry) released their digital signal processors and I couldn't afford to keep up with the other guys. I learned a lot about audio signals and making passive crossover networks, though. I still have an interest in auto sound, but can't afford to actually compete. I'd have to start from scratch anyway because these amplifiers are at least 4 years old, and current technology would require digital signal inputs that these don't have. If I had new equipment, I'd need a car to put it in. I currently drive an '88 Golf GTI with 180,000 miles and the stereo in it doesn't even work. I did "overclock" the car last year after the engine came apart on the interstate. I managed to fit a 2liter 16valve Jetta engine in place of the exploded 1.8. The car is ugly as hell, but revs past 7000rpm at every shift. I was gonna watercool it to get more revs, but Volkswagen engineers were already ahead of me. A few peltiers may get me to 8000rpm, wish me luck.

As tempting as it is to try and duplicate my heroic efforts at building a tripped out computer, please guys, don't even attempt this if you're married. Before you invest the first dollar in your dream system, take a minute to show your wife the door. Slam it solidly behind her and never look back. This is the best advice I ever give to anyone, take heed.
My chair: The chair makes my butt hurt and it has no arms to support my elbows. I doubt you can find a worse chair than that. I need to get another one, and I've even shopped around for a nice leather chair with arms. These "fancy" chairs I saw cost at least a hundred bucks! For the same money I could buy another Celeron to overclock - and just have a sore ass. If you have to ask what I'd do with my hundred bucks, then you don't know me very well.
PS, that's a 486 DX-2/66 sitting on the table to the right.It lives only to operate a modem that supplies an internet connection to my 10mb Ethernet hub. The hub lives just to feed the internet to my Celeron rig. Yes, it would be more practical to just plug the modem into the big computer and scrap the DX2 and the Ethernet altogether. I see it as a very creative way to waste an IRQ. Just for kicks I ran a SANDRA benchmark test on it, check it out dudes 16MB of memory and a 6.4gig hard drive......

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Coo shit TN.
Holy crap, I never knew my old DX2-66 fucking sucked so much !!! I think it was
a Cyrix overdrive processor too,ahh the good old days.