Does GeForce 256 support Bump Mapping?



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I am thinking about an Athlon & GeForce 256 combo. I am going to build this system sometimes next year, it is gona be either a single 750Mhz+ processor or a dual 550Mhz+ processor with the new GeForce 256 32MB DDRAM. What do u guys think?


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Have you heard something about the development of a dual Athlon board, or are you talking dual p3's? Also, when next year are you thinking about? If you're talking early next year, the Geforce DDR should be starting to fall in price a bit and will be a good card to buy, especially if T&L starts to take off. If you mean next year after Q1, it's hard to say what will be available by then.

I almost forgot, yes Geforce does support bump mapping.

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Not environment mapped bump mapping, the geforce supports dot product bump mapping, it looks better than embm.


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Yes, I am talking about AMD Athlon, I plan to build a dual Athlon sometimes next year once the mobo is available on the market, I am sure it's gona kick some major ass with a GeForce 256 DDR.

My friend has a Matrox G400, it produces very realistic picture with their exclusive enviromental bump mapping, which is also what I would like to have. That's why I want to know if GeForce 256 can do the same.



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If your planning on a dual Athlon system you'll have to wait until AMD gets a dual proc chipset out. But when they do you system should kick butt since AMD plans to pump there current industry leading 200 mhz frontside bus to 400 mhz on these new motherboards. Hope you have fun building your system.


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htom and Ceint,

You guys must learn more about bump mapping before posting wrong information. GeForce DOES NOT support Environment Bump Mapping. It only supports dot product environment mapping, that is supported since the first nVidia TNT, and it isn't comparable to Environment Bump Mapping.