Does anyone know how to solve counterstrike bug when entering a lan game?



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I have a Geforce2MX with 10.80's Detonator drivers and have a problem.
When I start a lan game with bots I get a corrupt image on the upper left hand corner of the screen in OPENGL.
I have to go back to the menu (pressing ESC) and resuming, to play without that bug.


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Same thing happens to me. TNT 2 Ultra with 3.68 det drivers... I think.

I just do the same thing you're doing, ESC then resume.


Yea, I get that too... but its only when I create the game, if I join one then its all good.


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Originally posted by RoadWarrior:
God I miss 3dfx.

The problem is that the Half-Life engine is a little bit rotten after all those years of use. I had corruption problems in Direct3D with Half-Life and Gunman Chronicles on my Voodoo3. Using WickedGL to get better performance. I tried Half-Life on a Matrox G400 and Direct3D got also corruption problems. OpenGL just wasn't working, freezing each time I was pausing the game.
It may be only bad luck, but I had more graphics problems with that engine than other engines...

160mb NEC PC100 SDRAM
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I had occasional artifacts with WickedGL drivers as well. I am back to using the "official" drivers from 3dfxgamers.


Don't take this too seriously, but I have bought a lot of video cards over the years (I'm certain I've spent more on video than on CPUs), and I had consistantly great experiences with 3dfx products compared to others. The cards were always stable, easy to install, and well supported.

In contrast to that Nvidia still seems to have basic presentation problems with a number of hardware configurations, and 3d problems with various software engines.

I just think of good drivers as being a basic requirement, and it continues to piss me off that the makers of the only solid products in the market were killed off by their own stupidity.



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I've discovered a workaround for it!!
Before creating a Lan game enter to the console by choosing CONSOLE in the menu.
Then exit the console by pressing ~ on your keyboard.
Start the game!!!!!!!!


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I had that prob too.

Or you could start the game, press escape, then click resume.

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