does anyone know GLIDE(true)for non 3dfx boards?



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Is any company going to make true glide drivers for there boards?

Like I have a geforce,so is Nvidia going to make glide drivers,its open source for a little while now,and i would prefer to run glide in UT for speed reasons,my v3 was DEFINATELY faster in UT.

Any info would be greatly appreciated,and i have tried unified but,d3d looked better and was about the same speed.


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Glide was open sourced relatively recently. It would take some time for someone to port it to the Nvidia, S3, etc. chipsets. I doubt those other chipset companies are going to take away valuable engineering time and money to support it. Maybe we'll see the Unified drivers improve a bit, but thats probably it.
I also doubt its going to be much of a big deal as time goes on though. OpenGL and DX are going to take over. The open sourcing of Glide was the last nail in its own coffin.
Hopefully UT will be the last built-for-Glide-screw-competition game. And hopefully the OpenGL and DX support will get better.

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yeah,ill be stuck with d3d,BUT,maybe epic will pull their heads out of their----- and get rid of the horendous d3d bottleneck that plagues their game.

Have you ever seen a benchmark for ut
it goes something like this
geforce ddr

cel 500-40.1 fps
athalon 800-40.2 fps

i mean there is a serious bottleneck in their code somewhere........