does anybody have logitech cordless desktop?



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I am planning to get the logitech cordless desktop but when I tried it out the other day. The mouse seems to go step-by-step like running quake2 on a 4mb video card. The saler told me that it was because of the slow radio transmitter (usb or ps/s is faster) this is very annonying cuz I really want this desktop set. Any suggestions?


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I have the Logitech Cordless Wheel Mouse and I believe that it uses the same transmitter/reciever. I love my mouse and have no problems what-so-ever with it. It runs just as smooth, or smoother than my cord mouse that I had previously. I would think that the cordless desktop would be pretty much the same.


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I have the cordless desktop and I haven't really had any problems. The mouse does seem smoother, maybe even a little too smooth. It takes getting used to.


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I have both Keyboard and Mouse cordless. and they're great! maybe you just have to change the battery =)