Does AGP work with DOS Games??



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I have an old football game that I can't live without. My season started last month, and I can't play it as I once did.

I have a Diamond AGP G240, along with Soundblaster 16 ASP. They do not get along in this game! I did a full diagnostic on the sound card, and it works fine. Blood v1.1 works well. This game hangs my system, unless I configure it for PC Speaker, or Adlib (video and sound take turns instead of playing together). Help!


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Yes, AGP works well with old DOS games
A certain solution may be to install SciTech
Displaydoctor 6.0 (I'm not very sure about
the current version). Otherwise : if you work
in pure DOS-mode (restarting, in stead of just clicking the MS-Dos icon) you have to
be very sure about the driver settings for
your Soundcard, check the homepage of your
soundcardcompany for the latest Dos-drivers.


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Yes, I have been running in pure DOS. I have also tried it in DOS mode under Windows 95. It's definitely a memory problem. It is stepping on some conventional memory address that I cannot isolate.

I am running the latest sound drivers. I also have experimented with alternate sound card settings (DMA, IRQ, etc.)

I'll try that program (displaydoctor) you mentioned.