Does a case fan make much difference?



Vlad The Impaler
I just installed a case fan in my mini-tower, and I'm wondering if it will allow me some lattitude for overclocking a Voodoo Banshee. I'm not gonna overclock my K6-2, just want to tweak the Banshee a little. Also what is the best overclocker program for the Banshee?

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David P

New Member
If they don't help you overclock, they'll help by keeping everything cooler. I ran my computer for a year in a puny Micro-AT case with no fans, and it ran fine. When I got a new full-tower ATX case I put in an intake fan blowing on my hard drives and an exhaust fan sucking from the CD drives. My stability and overclocking haven't improved any, but there's a lot of hot air coming out by the CD drives. Along with the PS blowing out, everything in there is a lot cooler and should last me a while more.


Heat is the enemy of overclocking.

My PII-450 is running 558 MHz @ 2.2 volts. I have over 200 cfm worth of case fans blowing in and sucking out hot air. When the temp of the room goes up, I have to drop back to 527 MHz or the system locks up.