Do you think i need a new psu?



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Yeah . . . here's the deal. I have been getting some interesting bsod's after having recently reformattted and put in a new geforce 2. I think it might be my psu. is it a possibility?

My system config:

Celeron [email protected] w/ peltier cooler and large heatsink
192 mb RAM @ 120 mhz
memorex 40x CD-ROM
sony 4x2x32 CD-RW
WD 6.4 gb hdd
WD 13.6 gb hdd
Soundblaster live! value
Pinnacle pctv tv tuner card
3com adsl modem
netgear FA310tx ethernet card
hercules geforce 2 mx video card

all this on a 235 watt psu. is this a problem?

Todd a

Todd a

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Peltiers can draw a lot of power. What graphics card did you use befor. The GeForce2's actually use less power than say a TNT2 or Voodoo3 3000 and much less than a GeForce256 and the MX should use even less since they are clocked lower and use less pipelines.

It could be that the GeForce2 GTS can not take the AGP bus speed.. You are running 91Mhzbus speed and unless it uses the AGP divider of the 100Mhz bus (2/3 AGP at 100Mhz bus is the 66Mhz speed AGP is supposed to run at). This would run the APG at about 61Mhz which is fine, BUT if it is using the 1/1 multiplier for the 66Mhz bus then you are lucky anything works other than the memory and CPU. This would run the AGP at 91Mhz. That would be about 38% overclock. That would also likely fry your hard drive and other PCI cards.

What board are you using? What voltage? Have you tried removing the Peltier and downclocking it to something closer to 500Mhz (which will not need the Peltier)? Maybe it is time to upgrade the PS or possibly get a Celeron2 and a Slotket addaptor that will not require a peltier and will likely overclock to 800Mhz+ (and probably still use less power).

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Big Lar

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It's the Peltier/ run it off a different 250 watt supply and all will be well

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A peltier, 2 HDD's and a CDburner (when in use) is alot to run off a 235 Watt psu.

I'd go with Big Lar...

I'm working on a watercooled peltier system, thats why I had a 300 and a 250.

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Yeah i thinki am going to go ahead and try a new psu. 300 watt atx i think. I'll tell if guys how it works out.