Do I really need a new speakers?

SGT Shultz

SGT Shultz

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I have a set of old Realistic brand speakers. They used to belong to my aunt when she was in college if that gives you any idea of how old they are.
I love them, they can play loud music just fine and have great sound quality.
The only bad thing about them is that if I try to play music or anything else below a certain volume level they stop after a few minutes. Classical and ambient music should not be played at thrash metal volume. :eek:
All I have to do to return the sound is crank up the volume for a second and both speakers will turn back on. I'm sure it's not some kind of 'power saver' function because sometimes it's both speakers at the same time and other times it's just one at a time. The volume level where the speakers will cut out seems pretty consistent.

I would prefer to fix the problem if at all possible. Otherwise I'd like suggestions on a good set of new speakers I could buy instead. My budget is extremely limited though; nothing over 20$ and preferably closer to 10$.


Speaker models from Altec Lansing, Creative, Logitech... should be sufficient for basic use.


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It might be an impedance issue. What is the model number of the speakers and does it indicate the impedance on the back? It would be number followed by the "omega" sign.