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I have an Athalon 950MHZ on its way to my house along with and EPOX 8K3A+ mobo with PC2700 memory.

Now I may have the specifics wrong and if so correct me but here is my thought.

The Athalon 950 runs at a native 100 MHZ FSB. My system, beside the cpu, should be able to run at 166+fsb. Since my processor is going to max out much earlier than my mobo, is there any reason to unlock the processor?

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In other words, unlock it so I can get my FSB as high as possbile (specifically to increase memory bandwidth) not because the bus will be limiting my processor o'clock.

I think I will initially see how high I can get the bus speed without unlocking. Then I need to go out and get a silver pen, unlock and get the optimal set-up.

Sound right?

BTW anyone know a good sight for unlocking multiplier? I have only seen Tomshardware version and it wasn't detailed enough for me.

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All you need to do is connect the L1 bridges with a pencil...I've never had a problem with the pencil not holding the charge. Just go back and forth a lot to get a lot of graphite on there. might have a better article than tom's...although I think I used tom's. Anyway want a high fsb and a low multi. Try getting your fsb as high as possible
Anyway...good luck and happy clocking!

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yeah a pencil will do fine, just make sure you get a good layer over them

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I haven't been able to find a pencil. Any good ideas on where to get one?

Just to verify... What I got from ANAMDTECH was that you just have to connect the 4 Golden Bridges at the L.

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Todd a

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You know. A pencil. Those funny yellow cilinders about 6" long with rubber apperatous at one end for deleting data, and another end with a point. It is filled with an odd meterial called graphite, that is black in collor and usually used for making marks on surfaces such as partchment.

Yes a standard No2 pencil will do the trick. Graphite is slightly conductive and that is all that is needed to reconnect the bridges on the CPU. The XP versions are locked a bit better. They burned a larger hole that leads to a grounding material. If you do not fill in the hole with a non-conductive material befor reconnecting the bridges, it will ground out and lock it to 11x (if I recall right). They also require a matterial slightly less resistant that graphite, but a few have been able to get graphite to work.

I did the pencil trick a long time ago on my Duron 600 and upped my multiplier to 8x and my bus speed to 112Mhz for 896Mhz. Your 950 likely has aluminum interconnectors and will only overclock to about 1.0-1.1Ghz, but your system and memory will likely run fine at 166MHz bus. You likely should be able to run 6x with no trouble and 6.5 to 7.0 is a good possibility.

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Thanks Todd a.

I thought the conductivity needed to be much higher than that. I will get a good old mechanical pencil out and try it.

Thanks for the advice on the multipliers also.

I did like the article over at that suggested using a repair kit from a Rear window defroster though. If I have trouble with the pencil I will use that method.

When and if they make the .13 Athalon XP's I'll have to get more tricky.