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Ive just got my hands on an enermax fan with thermal comes with the 3 pin molex with rpm sensor...

Im trying to mod this fan into a led fan with 4 X 3V super bright blue leds which when arranged in series, it will give a total of 12V so that I dont need an resistor right?

My main concern is as this is gona be a cpu fan, when the leds are soldered in parallel to the fan molex, will the whole circuit be drawing too much current or power from the mobo?

The fan is a 12V 0.17A rated one...only rating I know of the led is that its 3.0V...probably 2mA ones...

Also, I would like to know why is it that when the original fan, a delta is plugged into any of the mobos fan headers, sandra is able to detect its rpm under cpu fan but when I plug the enermax fan into them nothing shows up on sandra? it seema like the delta fan is telling the program that its the cpu fan...

MBM5 and sandra always give me a good 4.5ºC difference, sandra being the higher one...which is the accurate one?

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Todd a

Todd a

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Run a seperate set of wires to a 4 pin Molix connector for teh LEDs. The LEDs do not draw much power though, either.