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I'm sending this email because I am only able to see 2 and 16 colors on the Monitor attached to my Compaq Presario 5020 Computer and I'm looking to display 256 Colors like it previously did. I first noticed the problem when I tried to install a computer game known as Sonic. Sonic requires 256 colors in order to run it properly.The screen display on the monitor became distorted and I ended up using the Compaq Restore Disk that came with the computer in order to use my Windows 98 Computer again. However, eventhough I'm able to use the computer again I'm still not able to adjust the monitor to 256 colors. The Model # of the Monitor is a DRT DRMON 15 Monitor. I'm guessing that the DRT stands for Digital Resource Technology because that's the name of the company I see listed on the back of the monitor. I went to the Digital Resource Technology Website to see if I could find some useful information to resolve this issue, but I didn't find any useful information there. Nevertheless, at this point I don't believe there is a problem with the monitor. Instead, I believe there is a problem with the Video Card. My computer currently has a Standard PCI Graphics (VGA) Adapter installed in it that's not functional at this point. When I plug my monitor cable into the back of that monitor port I'm not able to see anything come up on the monitor, all I see is a black screen that you would see when a monitor is not turned on. That's why I believe it's something wrong with the Video Card and perhaps something else. I bought a Verto Vanta 16 MB SDRAM 2D/3D PCI Graphics Processor Card and installed it on my computer. I'm able to see something displayed on the monitor when I hook the monitor cable up to this new port. However, I'm still only able to see 2 and 16 colors. Also, I'm still not able to change the display area from 640x480 to anything else. When I look at Display Adapters within Device Manager I see a yellow Exclamation Point next to a line that says 3 Drage LT Pro (English) (Direct X). I don't know what that controls or what that may be affecting? I'm trying to get in touch with manufacturer of the new video card I purchased for further assistance. However, I haven't been able to contact them using one of their Toll Free numbers at this point. Therefore, I sent them the same email I'm posting on this Bullentin Board. If someone could help me solve this problem I would greatly appreciate it.


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OK. It sound fairly simple but it has to be step process.

1. Install any software that came with the card other than drivers only.
2. With the monitor plugged into the Vanta card, start your PC in SAFE mode ie hold down the Ctrl key when booting (98).
3. Click on START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM, then select the Device manager tab.
4. Find the Display Adapters icon and expand it to reveal the adapter type.
5. Select the adapter and click on Remove.
6. Restart the PC in normal mode and follow the prompts to install your Vanta drivers (if you didn't install them first).
5. Restart the PC and adjust to your hearts content.


ps if your PC has an on onboard video chip make sure that's diabled in your BIOS

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