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I have just bought a Microstar MS-5169 (aladdin V) Motherboard, a AMD K6-2 500mhz
processor and a Stealth III S540 graphics card. I am using windows 95 4.00.950B with the usbsupp.exe patch, when I install the driver for the graphics card then reload windows all I get is a black screen with a mouse pointer. I noticed there was a hardware conflict with the memory address on the PCI to PCI bridge but I cant change this without the computer freezing. Could this be my problem or could it be something else. Please help.!!

Also one quick thing, When running my k6-2 500mhz at 500mhz windows fails to load with the message:-

Windows protection error cant find device IOS: please restart windows.

But the system runs fine at 333mhz but thats not what I want.



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I had an identical problem when I first upgraded my AMD beyond 300MHz. The problem is a bug in Windows 95 that causes this error in all AMDs faster than 300MHz. There is a fix available entitled AMDK6UPD.EXE which you can download. Boot your PC into safe mode and then run the fix and when you reboot you should be ok to run at 500MHz!