DirectX--Please Help Me!



I have NHL 98 for my computer, and I can never go more than about an hour without some kind of problem resulting, like a system freeze or it closing unexpectedly. The games last about 40 minutes the way it is, so I have decided just to not play it, because half of my games would just end in the middle anyway. I am thinking this is because of DirectX, because the NHL 96 game I have never freezes at all. I am wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone. Would a change in the sound card save the day and make it not freeze? If so, what card would you recommend?
Thank you for your time.


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Look for new drivers on the Web site of your sound card manufacturer. Also do this for your video card (this may be the problem,not the sound card).

Check Electronic Arts(?) WWW page for patches for the game.

Also possibly install the latest version of DirectX (version 6) if you are not using
it already.