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Hello everyone;
First of all I'd like to thank cozitsthere for sending me tha manual for my Star NX-1500 Multi-Font Dot Matrix Printer.

I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to best set the Dip Switches and to get some of the fonts working properly.

I can figure out the Dip Switches for single sheets of paper but not for "Fanfold" or "Computer" paper as some people call it. Everything's there and useable for the computer paper of which I have alot of and want to use because it's free. I had a case of it given to me for my old 286 and the old Epson printer that died. I cleaned a store for two weeks to get this and I'd like to be able to use it.

Does anyone out there have any knowledge about Dot Matrix printers? I've tried emailing at the Star website but they don't sell too many PC printers anymore, they said they sell alot of receipt type printers and are into other things right now. They advised me to buy a HP 932c printer. I'll look into it when I have the money but need to get this one working. Here are my specs, I'm writing this off the various invoices, so if there's things I don't have to include please let me know;

MB Pentium ll/lll M756MRT Houston ATX PC133
CPU Pentium lll 533B INTEL PC133
CPU Cooling Fan Pentium ll/lll SECC
RAM DIMM 128MB SDRAM 16x64 PC133
Generic Case Medium Tower ATX 828GA
HDD IDE 13.6GB Fujitsu #MPE3136AT
FDD 1.44MB Panasonic 3.5" Floppy
CDD 52x Creative IDE CDROM CD5233E
Power Supply 250W AT
Monitor 17" Samsung Syncmaster 750S
Soft Ergonomic Keyboard
Champ Mouse
Speakers Tsunami 3D Surround Sub Wo
3DFX VooDoo3

I'll take whatever help you can give me.
Yours Sinceely;

eagl :)
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