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I am thinking of buying a video capture card, possibly the Marvel G400-TV, but I have a technical question.

I have recently moved from the UK to the US. Thus I have a PAL analogue Sharp Viewcam video camera but a NTSC TV and VCR.

My main priority is to edit the tapes from my PAL camera and have the final edited version also in PAL. But I would also like to use the card to connect with my NTSC TV in order to play DVD's, etc.

Is there a solution to this? Do I buy a PAL digitizer and forget about hooking up to my TV? In which case, is the Marvel G400-TV over specced for me?

I would appreciate any help you could give me.


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Tom's Hardware did a review of the ATI AIW, G400TV and I think the Voodoo 3500TV. Check it out. (www.tomshardware.com)

If I remember correctly, the ATI had the best PAL support (it picked up all the channels, even half channels, etc) and the G400 worked ok too by changing some registry setting. Read the real article for more details. It was called "Mutli talented graphics boards" or something like that.

Obviously anything you buy that is made in the US will have NTSC output capability including the above three cards.

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