digital cameras



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help, so many digitals out there and they all are the "best". if you have knowledge or info on this subject, or even a recomendation please reply.


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Hi there, select a digital camera that has the highest resoluion that you can afford. It also must have a LCD screen on the back so you can see the image after you have taken it,and a flash. Compact flash cards are cheaper than solid state cards, so go for a camera that has a compact flash memeory. Agfa 1280 i a good camera, so is the Olympus 800? around £700 uk.
I hope iv been of help. My hobby is photography so ask as many Qs as you want

Mike S

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I highly recomment the Kodak DC260 I have no complaints and it connects to your USB port for very fast uploads. Too many features to list. The price keeps dropping, $629 last check. Worth every penny. Good luck.