Difference between brands of blank DVD-R discs



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Just picked up my swanky new Asus DRW-0402P/D DVD writer today (</brag>). I also went to get some blanc DVD-R discs, as it would seem they're the more compatible standard.

However, I was faced with a strange problem. I had all sorts of choices, ranging from a 10 pack of 4x Shintaro DVD-R's for AUD$30, right up to a 10 pack of 4x Verbatim DVD-R's for AUD$70, not mentioning the choices inbetween. Never have I seen such a price difference in optical media.

Are the Shintaro's just really dodgy, or the Verbatim's just really expensive??

What experiences have you guys had with various DVD media?


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Wow, no wonder the Plextor PX-708A was on sale at New Egg for $235 US with free shipping.

What kind of Video Editing software did they include? the Plextor came wit EZ CDVD Creator which I am not brave enough(or foolish enough) to try yet.

As for Media, AUD 70 is 49.3291 USD?? That boils down to 4.93 per disc. That is a bit high by US standards. The first sale I saw was Memorex 4X DVD-R's . . . Buy one 25 pack for $59.95 get the second free. Including local sales taxes and it boils down to $1.30 per disc. (AUD 1.84)

I looked for some +-RW's but could not find any small quantities below $2.50 per disc.

The Verbatum are priced like the Memorex here in the states.


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I know this doesn't concern your Half the cost of my </Envy> burner but it does address the Media aspect. I saw this note at the Verbatum site.
"* Important Note: 4x speed DVD-R media is intended for use with 4x writers. Please contact your hardware manufacturer regarding compatibility of your non-4X DVD-R writer with high speed media."

The Memorex media came with a disclaimer aslo stating:


Using new recordable discs (4X for DVD-R) in 1X-2X Pioneer-manufactured DVD drives and DVD recorders may cause damage to the DVD drive or recorder and possibly to the loaded 4X disc. The source of the problem is a firmware "bug" in certain DVD-R/RW drives and recorders, and not with the media itself. A firmware update is required to avoid potential damage to the units and discs.

The following products may be affected:
• Pioneer DVR-A03 Computer Drive
• Pioneer DVR-A04 Computer Drive
• Pioneer DVR-103 Computer Drive
• Pioneer DVR-104 Computer Drive
• Pioneer DVR-7000 DVD Recorder
• Pioneer PRV-9000 Professional DVD Recorder
• Apple and Compaq Systems with DVD-R/-RW Drives (DVR-103 & DVR-104)

Read this note before using new
4X DVD-R Discs.

Anyone who owns or uses any of the above-listed products should perform the free firmware update immediately, prior to using the new 4X DVD-R discs.Firmware updates can be accomplished in the following two ways:
For Computer Drives: A free update utility can be downloaded atwww.pioneerelectronics.com/hs/
For Computer Drives and standalone DVD recorders:A free update disc can be ordered atwww.pioneerelectronics.com/hs/or by calling toll-free 800-427-1623

I also stumbled on this info about limited supplys of 4X disc and the growth in sales of DVDR machines.
Fastest DVD Media in Short Supply It was written in early September.
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Wow, the Plextor PX-708A is swisho! :cool: Considerably faster in a few areas then the Asus, but close to twice the price here. I didn't realise DVD+R's were capable of writing at 8x, but yours does it :D


What kind of Video Editing software did they include? the Plextor came wit EZ CDVD Creator which I am not brave enough(or foolish enough) to try yet.

Mine came with Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2. I've yet to try that one as well, but Ulead has a pretty good rep so I'll probably give it a burl at some point.

I saw a few of those warnings about the 4X burning, but since mine is a 4X burner when it comes to DVD-R and DVD+R discs, I should be fine. Checking the Asus website, I'm already running the latest firmware update.

The pack of 10 4x Shintaro DVD-R's equate to about USD$2.11 per DVD-R disc. The difference in price between US and AU products is to be expected.

So any thoughts on the quality differences between the cheap and expensive DVD-R's discs?


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No sooner that I purchased my Plextor, DVDR drives showed up in droves in the Sunday sale flyers to $129 US after rebates. This thing does fly though. It is really quite also. Nero InfoTool shows it as reading CD's at 62X.

Checking out a UK site leads me to believe that the top brands are Sony, Verbatim, Maxell and Ritek. I suspect that the prices are a little inflated until the supply chains fill. This might not happen till next year with the holliday sales coming.

So far all I have used are the Memorex el cheapo's and they haven't failed me yet. I have burned about 15 home made movies so far. Well, multiple coppies of several compilations and they have played in different home systems.


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This weekend I see in the Best Buy flyer a Buslink 4XDVD +RW / +R for $100 US after rebate. The Plextor 8X dual format is on sale for $250.

Imation DVD+-R discs for $60 per 50 after instant rebate.

Not much info out there on the quality of different DVD discs but I found this link.

This link indicates that -R discs are the more compatable.

"Compatibility results: DVD-R=96.74% DVD+R=87.32%"


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New Egg has the Plextor down to $219.

I have run across this hard core video capture expert at DVDR Help site.

Her is the link to his site and the DVD media, Good discs vs Bad discs.


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Thanks Leoslocks, that site is gold!

I downloaded DVDinfo 2 and checked my media. The cheap Shintaro DVD-R turned out to be made by Princo, which I didn't need to be told were bad, I've already had nothing but problems with their CD-R's.

The Verbatim, as expected was made by Mitsubishi Chemicals (which is why I favour them for CD-R's as well). That had been printed clearly on the packet and DVDinfo also picked it up as such.

Strange though, as that site was suggesting that Verbatim had changed over to CMC Magnetics, which is why he gave a bad review of his 2x Verbatim media.

Welp, they haven't changed over here at least. I think I'll be sticking with Verbatim now :)


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I am laid up recovering for Knee Surgery. The good doctor arthroscoped my knee and cleaned out some calcium deposits (arthritus), some loose bodies and cleaned up a bone spur. The Medical facilities here in the states are exceptional. There is hope that I can still play softball next summer.

The bad news is that the Memorex DVD -R's are " CMCMAG.F1"
I downloaded the ad version of DVDInfo2. I think the program is still a little buggy but puts out a lot of info.


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