Diamond Viper 550 (TNT)+ Diamond Monster 3D Voodo2



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I am thinking of making a 2D/3D rocket ship of a PC. I am considering buying both the TNT based Viper 550 and the Voodo2 Based Monster 3D II and linking them together in one machine to get the best overall 2D/3D support. The CPU is going to be either a AMD K6-350/380 or Intel P2-350. Has anyone done this? and what is the performance like?, are there any problems?


I would not go with a TnT and a Voodoo2. The TnT can pretty muc hkee pup with the voodoo2 and beat it in many situations. I would either go with just the TnT, or get a cheap 2d card, like the i740(75.00 at compusa), and get a dual voodoo2 setup. For something really clean, get a Canopus Total 128, It's a riva 128 with reverse pass through so your output to monitor is from your riva, and not your voodoo2 . I just bought a stb Velocity 4400 and am totally happy with it. I had a voodoo2 12Mb and sold it. The TnT is the way to go. Also, regardless of card, I would stay away from Diamond, they are not very customer friendly


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Sounds like you have too much time and money on your hands!!

This combo would kick the ass of any game you toss at it. Use the tnt for open gl or direct 3d, but use the dual voodoo2 for any glide games you play. You will get way better performance with most games.

If you wanted you rocket ship to hit warp speed, get the Canopus Spectra 2500 tnt card that uses external reverse pass through, and get dual Canopus Pure3D II cards. Not only does this combo totally kick ass, it also allows you to play all your games on your tv, including your glide games that you will use your voodoo2 cards for. The canopus tnt card has the best tv support of any currently available tnt card, as well as supporting the highest resolutions on the tv (goes past 800x600), and having the best tv image quality.
Stick to a pII though, as there are significant speed differences with the riva tnt cards running on a pII or an AMD K6-2 at the same clock speed. There is not as much of a difference with the voodoo2, but you will only want to use the voodoo2 for glide games due to the tnt's way better 3d image quality and higher resolutions available in 3d. But if Canopus is not your way to go, diamond is good too. I have had diamond cards in the past and have never had problems with them. Have fun.