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Trying to install this card (PCI version) in a FIC VA-503+ (VIA chipset) w/ AMD k6-2/550. Runs ok under std. vga mode (albeit only 16 colors) but when I install the driver, windows boots up to an orangy colored desktop, and trying to open any program causes the system to lock. checked out the Diamond website but no help. Any help would be appreciated.


I am not familiar with the card but go into standard video mode and remove the monitor from your device manager. re-install drivers and restart. Hope it helps.

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Hmm...... did you install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers? It might help. Thing with SS7 motherboards is video card problems. So they came up with patches/revised drivers to be able to fix this problem. You should try installing the VIA drivers first and then install the one for the video card. Quite weird though this problem you're having coz' the problem with SS7 mobos is usually with AGP. Anyways, do try my suggestion coz' it might work.