DIABLO 2 ERROR (Geforce2?)

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Diablo 2 ran fine with my P3 750, 256 ram, Abit VT6X4 + TnT2...
but then i upgraded to a Geforce2 GTS (Creative)...it took a while to get diablo 2 running, but I had major problems with everything else... so i replaced my VT6X4 with my old Abit BH6 and everything runs great!...........except Diablo 2. The video test work fine without a glitch...but when i try to start a game (i can get to the menus fine) at the screen where you are suposed to see the door open while the game loads...its just a black screen, then u hear a windows beep ....and if u alt-tab these are the error messages that show up:

Diablo II Server Error
Assertion Failure
Location : C:\D2\Source\D2Common\DATABLS\ItemTbls.cpp,
line #2096
Expression : nSize==NUM_STATS

(then i click "OK" )then this comes up:

Diablo II Server Exception

(then I click "OK" and game ends)

Im using DirectX7A, many different Detonator drivers, latest Bios for motherboard, liveware 3.0.
reinstalling the game does not help