Dell server hardware



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Unknown age of the server, but I figured I would try to part this out, before I scrap it

Make a fair offer. Parts will be coming from Oregon and assumed in working order, as the gentleman I got this from had just taken it out of service a month before I picked it up. Intentions were to use it as a PC, but plans have changed

I know how this looks - 1st post and this guy is trying to sell something? I can assure you all, I'm not trying to promote anything, spam or anything else deemed immoral or unethical. Just trying to offload some hardware before I scrap it. I'd prefer someone be able to make use of this, if possible
Steve R Jones

Steve R Jones

The pics are cute.... But listing the make and model number to the parts would make much more sense.

No one will want to purchase 2 cpu's if they don't the specs/socket info etc..


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Ok so I got the hint;) and did some googling ...

2 sticks of Micron memory cards - $10/pr

2 Dell power supply units - $40/pr

2 Fujistu solid state 36G hard drives - $25/pr

2 Intel Xeon cpu's with heatsinks. 3.06GHz - $40/pr

Digi PCI host adapter PC/Xem 1MB - $25

I would prefer a package sale but .... And the prices are lower than what's listed on ebay
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