Dell monitor GRRR!!!



Vlad The Impaler
I am 99% positive there is no answer that will work here because I have tried for hours and gotten almost nothing for my efforts.

I have this old Dell Dimension 3000, and it was given to me with a GeForce 6200 PCI in it. Unfortunately I would have to open the case back up if I was to try to discern the card manufacturer, but I will if it is helpful and someone asks. In any case it has S-Video out, and originally I was able to get it to "clone view" with my widescreen TV through a composite adapter, and the only real problem was that I was using a Sceptre X9G-NagaV monitor which is a 4:3 monitor, other than a somewhat poor display, it was still acceptable for my purposes. So I had the brilliant idea to swap the monitor for my Dell SE198WFP and try and run a KVM switch since I am always needing more computers than I have space for. Well long story short no amount of screwing with the D-Sub connection made the Nvidia control panel able to even see the TV as a secondary display, with or without the KVM in the loop. It actually will detect three entries under the monitor in device manager, and even with the proper Dell driver I get that, then default monitor and plug and play monitor. My Sceptre only gives one entry.

So I plugged it into the DVI output of the video card and then it does detect the TV but the picture is black and white and no matter what I do it is just black and white! I am finding yet another one of my vast amount of reason I'd like to go to Texas and go postal on Dell! I try and uninstall all but one monitor entry and they just come back. I disable all but the one with the driver installed and that changes nothing! All I want is to be able to watch videos on my TV from the computer but I just can't! I have never had much luck with TV Out but this takes the freaking cake! Unfortunately the Dell has only PCI slots so my box of various AGP video cards is of no use either!

I am about to throw every Dell piece of crap I own on to a great big illegal bonfire just for the sake of my mental health! I have googled and gotten nothing of value there. So if anyone has any advice, even if it is to burn the Dell equipment, Let me know and I will appreciate it, even if I sound frustrated in future replies. That happens a lot to me because by the time I start posting my rage factor is already off the charts, so please forgive me I am mad at the hardware, not you! Thanks for being there, if only so I can vent my anger!