Dell Latitude speaker feedback from mic.


jonny b

Computer Doctor
Customer wants to use her Latitude with a microphone and then to speakers. On the Latitudes C610 you have enable microphone boost for this to work. When you unplug the mic then you get massive feedback unless the mic volumn is turned way down or muted. If you put you hand on the mic or the mic jack the feedback from the mic varies but is still loud and annoying. I don't know where the sound is coming from but it doesn't seem from the speakers. Then it smells funny when left on for 30 seconds as well.

She has three Latitudes and they all do the same thing with the same configurations.

Pull out the mic jack and SQEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!

Why do they do this?

She has a Gateway laptop and it doesn't do this. Matter of fact she does not even have an area for Microphone boost. It doesn't exists.

I think that the Latitude has a mic on the outside as well as the jack. A pin hole above the jack seems to be this.

Any way around this or not?

BTW, even if you walk away from the wires and extra speakers it gets some kind of feedback from itself.


If it also has an internal mic thats turned off when you plug the external one in, for which you have to turn the boost on to work, then likely whats happening is that the internal mic would be over sensitive and feedback hard when you unplug the external one since the boost is on. Don't see a way out unless you make sure you turn off the boost or turn down/mute the mic before unplugging out the external one.