Dell Latitude D505 to RCA Audio/Video Reciever



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I have a lot of movies on my laptop and I would like to play them on my home theatre system.

Since this forum is for experts, I'd appreciate advise on how to connect my laptop to the home theatre so that I can watch my movies on the bigger screen and bigger speakers.

Thank you


That notebook should have a S-Video TV Out connector at the back.

You can purchase a S-Video cable from your local/online electronic and/or computer store.

Connect one end to the notebook,
Provided that your receiver has it,
Connect the other end to your receiver.

If you need to know where the S-Video connector is on your Dell,
You can download Latitude D505 system information guide from Dell,
Click HERE


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Laptop to Home Theatre

If you would like to try something else, you can buy audio cables that would go from the reciever to the headphone connection of your laptop, i believe that would be called mono input... it works for me.