Dell Inspiron 530 MOBO Not 64-bit????



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I ran across this in looking for CPU upgrade info, but figured I'd register to help in case this is still an issue. Your Inspiron 530 should be able to access all 8 GB after a BIOS update released in March or so:

So... give it a shot, I guess. Unless you've gutted the system by now. I just got a refurb Inspiron 530 Q6600 and am investigating moving that CPU to an XPS 410 and putting a Q9300 in the 530. It was by accident I found out that the 530 could unofficially address 8 GB of RAM after an update.

I'll probably never drop by 'ere again, but just wanted to drop a note for anyone else grappling with this issue.


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I just wanted to chip in, I've had a similar issue with my HP nx6325 laptop since I put 4GB of RAM in it. There is nothing wrong with running 64bit Windows, however only 3GB of RAM will ever be used by Windows unless HP releases a memory-remapping BIOS update, which will never happen.

I hope the big names have sorted out their act with new systems, as 3GB+ is already a reality for the more affluent Average Joes out there and memory-remapping isn't exactly a new idea.


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Inspiron 530 motherboard is 64 bit.

Bios version 1.0.12 and higher support 8 gigs in the 4 slots.

Confirmed with Vista 64 bit.