Dell Inspiron 15 - Hard Drive Replacement



It looks like the hard drive on a laptop does not work. The computer does not boot up and during the Dell Backup and Recover I am getting the following message:

Error 0x400 110020000 100A
If this issue persist, please contact Dell Support.

Then in the ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment, I get the following:
Hard Drive 0 - S/N 44A8S4ELS, Short Test unsuccessful

Error Code: 2000-0142
Validation: 71653

I am assuming this hard drive no longer works?

I have the Dell OS Recovery and Restore USB Key. Do I need to buy the same hard drive or can I just get any type of hard drive to be able to use the USB Key?

Attached is the picture of the hard drive. Appreciate suggestions on a hard drive replacement from Amazon. I am a little confused because the label has both "Serial ATA" and "SATA".





SATA = Serial ATA

Yes, it's dead. The specs for it are:

Toshiba MQ01ABF050 500GB 5.4K 2.5" 7mm 6.0 Gb/s SATA Hard Drive
  • Capacity: 500GB.
  • Speed: 5,400RPM.
  • Interface Types: SATA.
  • Form Factor: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops.
  • Sector Size: 512 / 512e.
  • Electrical Interface: SATA 600 - 6.0Gbps.
  • On-Board Cache: 8MB.
So, it can be replaced with a normal 2.5" x 7mm thick SATA Hard Drive or SSD. (Recommend a SSD).


Sorry about the hard drive situation, man. Seconding SpywareDr on the SSD if you can spare a few more bucks, it's worth it for the speed. This should help you decide if you're torn on what to choose.