Dell Dimension 2350 Multimedia Controller (Audio)



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I have downloaded all the drivers I can find for this motherboard (,,,) and they all seem to have the same thing in common. They enable the audio processor without enabling the multimedia controller (which enables the audio...)
I have begun to feel that this mobo was designed to frustrate people who don't have the Dell Driver Disk.
It came to me in a very roundabout way and it still has (as far as I can tell) the original Dell install of Windows XP Home. I am unable to get the audio working because the multimedia controller on the board refuses all attempts to install correctly.
According to both Everest and Belarc it is the Intel 82801DB ICH4 - AC'97 audio controller [B-0] and nothing I have found on the web for it has enabled it. I have gone through 3 10+ Meg downloads (dial-up) and none of them has worked.

I am a little sorry to make you read this much (Not really if you can help...) but I hope that someone here can help me.


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Here is the link that the driver CD takes you to, not sure if it will work as a direct link, but its worth a try - file:///C:/dell/drivers/R51189/readme.htm

Doesnt like Firefox, but works well in IE.



$#!+ Happens
Multimedia Controller
Chip: Sigma Designs Inc EM8300 MPEG-2 Decoder (REALmagic Hollywood Plus)
Full Details
Windows Detected Device
Multimedia Controller
Detected Chip Vender
Sigma Designs Inc
Detected Chip
EM8300 MPEG-2 Decoder (REALmagic Hollywood Plus)
Search Results (Internal Stuff)

I hope that is what you wanted. I am grateful for any help you may be able to provide.


$#!+ Happens

The OS, Belarc and EVEREST Home all view it as a multimedia controller. I have examined the hardware and this is a component on the mobo. It is not an added card. I don't know what is causing the system to behave the way it does but I have recieved permission to back up all of the essential files and do a clean install with my personal copy of WinXP Pro. I have a thoroughly tested crack for it, (the German XP & 2003 "WPAKill".) After I reinstall the system I will repost here and let you know if there are any other things going on or if it solves the problem.


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Audio driver

Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL AC'97 Audio Controller (ICH4/ICH4-L B0 step)