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I have a year-old Dell p2450 tower...I read somewhere a while ago that Dell uses cases which generally don't fit much in the way of hardware substitutions. In particular, standard power supplies and standard motherboards. Anyone know if this is true? My currect motherboard is just a se440bx-2, but is it possible dell has a specially-made version of this mobo that fits specifically into their cases? And as for power supply, my measly 200W needs replacing, but like I said, I read that Dell cases won't fit non-Dell ones. Any help?


My friend just put a BE-6 into his HP case, have to admit they have pretty nice cases, also has a ducted outake fan over the cpu


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I don't know which model you have but it's a standard ATX case if it's one of the newer Dimension models. They are made by Palo Alto Cases and you can get a very similar looking one though them w/250 watt power supply. They're nicely made but a little pricey. Other models such as the Omniplex, Optiplex, and Poweredge tend to be Dell specific cases/motherboards.